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Robert Wegenek


Legal Consultant, Quarterback Services Ltd.

Robert is a legal consultant specialising in agency transparency. His background for over 20 years was agency-side, working extensively with holding companies and their media agency brands across 4 different groups. He has also advised media owners on their agency incentive / rebates programmes. 

These days he applies his expertise to the benefit of advertisers. Robert’s main areas of focus are media agency appointments on a national, international, and global basis. He has long standing expertise in problematic markets such as China and Brazil. He also advises on eliminating non-transparent operational and financial practices by creative agencies. A major area of focus is the use of Generative AI by agencies and the setting of new operating ground rules. He works extensively with ISBA and drafted their recommended Media Services Framework Agreement. He is also an adviser to Origin.

His clients in recent years have included the world’s largest agency group, the world’s largest media vendor and the world’s largest advertiser.