Marketing Procurement iQ (Europe) Conference
Day 2 - April 17th 2024

8:00am : Registration & Refreshments

8:45am : Welcome and Introduction from Day 2 Chair Nick Manning

9:00 - 9:20am : Keynote - The world of media is changing substantially and disrupting traditional business models, what does this mean for Marketing Procurement, today and tomorrow? 

The world of media is changing substantially and disrupting traditional business models. There are big new opportunities but also risks as markets respond to consumer behaviour changes driven by technology and data.

So what are the key factors re-shaping media and what do they mean for Marketing Procurement, today and tomorrow?

What will be the impact of Retail Media, Digital Commerce, Connected TV, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy and Identity issues, among many other factors?

The keynote will provide a perspective on these trends and they will then be discussed by a leading media analyst and a global procurement director.

Nick Manning, Independent Consultant on Advertising and Media.

9:20 - 9:40am : Panel - The world of media is changing substantially and disrupting traditional business models, what does this mean for Marketing Procurement, today and tomorrow? 

Following on from his keynote address, Nick Manning will lead an expert keynote panel discussion looking in more depth at the media trends and what challenges, opportunities and impact these trends will have on brands and marketing in particular.

Nick Manning, Independent Consultant on Advertising and Media.

Douglas McCabe, CEO, Enders

Graham McKay, Global Head of Procurement, Dyson

9:40 - 10:00am : Media Transparency - Beyond the Financials

With the ever increasing mix of media channels available to clients now, it has never been more important for clients to ensure that they have oversight and governance over the long list of obligations the agencies have with advertisers in their MSA’s, especially to digital channels.

Stephen, Gerry & Nick will discuss what clients need to put in place to ensure agency compliance & transparency is extended to the whole contract and not just the traditional financial elements such as ‘Unbilled media’ and rebates.

Chair: Jane Dormer, Director of Client Services, MMC

Stephen Broderick, CEO, MMC

Gerry D’Angelo, Advisory Board Member, MMC

Nick Swimer, Entertainment & Media Partner, Lee & Thompson

10:00 - 10:20am : How To Improve The Media Industry – And How Marketing Procurement Can Help

The WFA Global Media Charter is a catalyst for change across the global media industry. Co-designed cross-industry tools such as GARM and Halo are improving brand safety, helping advertisers improve their sustainability, and ultimately improving marketing effectiveness.

Professionals within media / marketing procurement have a key role to play: this session will show where the industry is going, and how media / marketing procurement teams can be part of the push for improvements.

Synopsis: When the WFA Global Media Charter was published in 2018,it was a call for change from advertisers. A rallying cry for greater brand safety protection, more transparency, improved data standards, and much more – the Charter sparked advertiser-led change, with new co-designed solutions which are evolving the media industry we know today.

Five years later, in 2023, we issued an update – addressing serious, complex and intractable topics which will require collaboration and input from all corners of the industry.

We identified five major issues within the global media ecosystem, with parts in bold to be discussed in greater detail during the presentation.

Competition & Plurality, Measurement & Accountability, Responsibility & Society, Sustainability & Planet, People & Partners

Tom Ashby, Global Lead, Media Services, WFA

Alice Tomlinson, Manager, Global Marketing Sourcing, WFA

10:20 - 10:40am : Redefining Media for Brands - what’s the Scope and how do we Value it?

Media is increasingly playing a broader role for brands in their end-to-end customer journey. There have long been challenges to structure our KPIs in a way that better connects the current industry standard ways of working to the media operating model that we need to be building for the future.

But with the radical changes happening in the media ecosystem right now, it’s critical that we work with Procurement to reset our client partnership frameworks to better balance short term optimisations with long term media innovation, all to deliver business growth.

In this session, we’ll share how we’ve started to evolve that operating model with one of our procurement partners, exploring our learnings across scopes of work, process, measurement and how we value our business contribution. Sham Islam, Group Managing Director, Global Clients, Havas Media
Nelleke van der Voort, Global Procurement Manager - Creative, Media & AdTech, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

10:40 - 11:00am : Refreshments & Networking

11:00 - 11:20am :Gaining Digital Control: Mastering Digital Media Buying For Value Driven Results

In today’s complex world of media buying, advertisers are navigating a maze of risks, especially in digital auction-based media channels. To meet the performance management challenges of this evolving landscape, a new approach to media auditing is required. In this session, we will explore the latest strategies and tools advertisers are leveraging to navigate digital media buying with confidence. We’ll examine a modern audit framework that goes beyond traditional price-based analysis, drives digital transformation and reinforces media as a lever for growth. Key points that will be covered: - Key risks in digital media buying, with a focus on auction based media - A modern audit framework that goes beyond simple price based analysis - A methodology for identifying waste and incremental value - Real life examples of how advertisers are getting better results from digital. David Indo, Co-Founder and CEO, IDComms

11:20 - 11.40am : How will Retail Media and Digital Commerce change Marketing, and how should Procurement Respond?

Fireside Discussion on how Retail Media and Digital Commerce will change Marketing and how should Procurement respond?

Nick Manning, Independent Conultant on Advertising and Media

Colin Lewis, Marketing Consultant, Retail Media Works

11:40 - 12:10pm : What is the Retail Media Framework?

Retail Media is experiencing rapid growth and evolution, resulting in a fragmented landscape with significant variations in the maturity of retailers operating within the space. ISBA brought advertisers and retailers together, along with the support of OMG (Omnicom Media Group) to identify opportunities to improve the maturity of the market and support advertisers justify further investment.

The Retail Media Framework addresses challenges with transparency, tech and talent.

  • Introduction to the Retail Media Framework
  • Growth of Retail Media
  • Challenges for advertisers
  • What are the contractual and financial considerations ?

Clare O’Brien, 
Head of Media, Effectiveness and Performance, ISBA

Rob Edwards, Head of Media & Digital, Arla Foods UK

Alice Anson, Director of Digital Media, Nectar 360

Colin Lewis, Marketing Consultant, Retail Media Works

12:10 - 12:30pm : What are Audience Extension Networks and how do you navigate them?

Google, Meta, TikTok, X, LinkedIn, CTV & Retail Media platforms all offer advertisers access to audience extension networks. Audience extension networks allow the platforms to sell inventory from 3rd party apps and publisher websites to deliver ads outside of their owned and operated properties. Transparency and controls differ across each of the audience extension networks. Advertisers should be aware of their spend on AENs and the strategic decisions they need to consider.

Our panel will be discussing:

What are Audience Extension Networks?

What are the benefits for advertisers?

What are the risks?

Nick Louisson, Director of Agency Services, ISBA.

Dan Brown, Director & Practice Lead (Digital Audit), MediaSense

12:30 - 12:50pm : How to get the best out of a Global Media Services Framework Agreement.

International Media Services Contracting – considerations to address in multi-market contracting.

“The Quarterback”, Robert Wegenek is ISBA’s legal partner for Media Services Contracting. He’ll be sharing learnings from his decades of experience working agency and advertiser side across the globe.

Challenges to address in international media agency contracts:

1. Multiple relationships between agency and client. Central / Regional / Local / Hubs

Conflicts and non-compete difficulties, especially in smaller markets

Principal status – differences in other markets

The difficulties of auditing (and the dangers of not doing so)

Contract structure – Internationalisation AND Localisation

Dispute resolution

2. Governance issues for Agency Holding Companies (SEC rulings)

3. Opaque practices, corruption and non-contract compliance in major markets

4. Local market practices

Robert Wegenek, Legal Consultant, specialising in agency transparency.

12:50 - 1:45pm : Lunch and Networking

1:45 - 2:10pm : From Foe to Friend - Shifting perceptions and seeing auditing as a positive

Where can using independent 3rd parties bring transparency and add real value / insights and even improve the relationships with our Marketing partners? A discussion looking at Global Transparency Processes and Media performance auditing. Bruno Gralpois, Co-Founder/Principal, Agency Mania Solutions
Amy Redford, Global Marketing Procurement, EMEA Lead, Ebay

2:10 - 2:35pm : Sustainable Media - Carbon Measurement Media Planning & Buying

A fireside chat exploring carbon measurement in Media Planning & Buying – why is it so important and how is the industry tackling it? The session will begin with an update from Ad Net Zero including the 5-point action plan; global expansion and a deep dive into Sustainability within Media Planning & Buying (Action Point 3 from the Ad Net Zero Action Plan). Discussions will focus specifically on the complex issue of data collection and measurement across the media landscape, how clients and their agencies are collaborating to tackle these issues & how the new framework being developed by GARM and Ad Net Zero will change media planning for the better and ultimately drive the industry into a new sustainable chapter. Stephen Woodford, CEO, Advertising Association Hannah Mirza, Founder & CEO, Responsible Marketing Agency

2:35 - 3:00pm : What does good Media Governance look like?

Media governance is about being in control of all aspects related to delivery of brand messages.

This session will give a 360 degree view from client, agency, consultant and tech side, on the key pillars of holistic media governance with a deep-dive on the management of an existing agency relationship, the role of marketing procurement in the process and why having access to granular data is half of the battle.

A panel of subject matter experts will discuss the importance of the following questions, which should be asked by a diligent advertiser:

  • Am I paying the agreed price and is this price right?
  • Are the media placements qualitative and contributing to the growth of my brand?
  • Am I following the right strategy?
  • Am I getting what I agreed with the agency in terms of brand metrics, service, financial diligence, and transparency?

Wojciech Raś, 
Managing Director, Progmatic GmbH,(Previously with P&G, ABI, Ebiquity)
Michal Sobieski Co-Founder, Adfidence

Moderator: Nick Sparey: Founder and Managing Partner, Illumino Partnership, (Previously with J&J and Accenture)

3:00 - 3:20pm : Refreshments and Networking

3:20 - 3:40pm : Too Good to be True - Can corporate trade (barter) drive incremental corporate benefit for your business?

• Introduction to corporate trade, how it works and its position within the media ecosystem

A panel discussion with UK marketers currently using corporate trade to solve business issues and drive benefit for their business

John Charlesworth – Director of Client Relations

Alexandra Beeden – Head of Client Relations

3:40 - 4:00pm : Essential quick wins for Media and Marketing Procurement Professionals

How to eliminate waste, create value and realise savings in today's media market. Some essential tips on how procurement professionals can implement quick wins in three critical emerging areas today:

1. Audience extension

2. Made for advertising content

3. Advanced TV

What’s the issue, why does it matter and what can you do about it

Peter Hanford, Group Director of Digital Growth, Ebiquity

4:00pm : Wrap up & Conference Ends

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