With over 60 speakers, 35 sessions over 2 days, Marketing Procurement iQ Conference (Europe) provides a unique opportunity for delegate to network, meet peers, learn from industry thought leaders and deep dive into the latest Marketing Procurement, Creative Production and Media management


Day One will examine the relationship between clients and agencies including where should agency management sit, becoming the client of choice and whether the optimum pitch process for both parties?

We will also explore talent management, what’s the best marketing procurement background and aligning procurement objectives and marketing objectives

Day One of the conference will also look at how to evaluate what technology stacks to invest in as a marketer and how to assess the benefit of technologies that your partners are investing in.

Of course, a big talking point will be how AI and technology are now shaping how we work, evolving roles within our business and ultimately increasing the value of our output, marketing professionals and procurement will see greater adoption of AI.

This means agencies and procurement may need to change how they work together; remuneration models will inevitably evolve, and the measurement of creative value will change.

And as part of our look at creative production we will also examine production at scale, new ways of scoping, asset management, rights and talent management, research platforms, diversity and sustainability as well as remote and virtual production.

We’ll explore what are the benefits of centralising the business behind production, from talent, licensed element rights and payment of vendors to creating reports for more visibility into production spend in all markets.

And of course brand advertisers have been looking for tangible ways to drive realistic cost efficiencies that do not hamper their agencies’ abilities to produce great work, but hold everyone accountable to operational excellence and process rigor. 

We will examine how marketing and procurement can join forces to turbocharge brand’s fiscal stewardship and collaborate to forge stronger agency partnerships.



Day Two of the conference will examine the rapidly growing Retail Media and Digital Commerce sectors, how these will change Marketing, and how should Procurement respond?  We’ll also delve into Connected TV and the demise of Cookies.

The WFA will throw the spotlight onto the Global Media Charter (GARM) and in particular Measurement & Accountability and People & Partners whilst the Advertising Association will lead a debate on Sustainability Media. We’ll also examine brand safety, DE&I and the whole area of responsible media.

ISBA will be talking about the Retail Media Framework and what are Audience Extensions and this will be followed by some essential quick wins for marketing procurement across Audience Extension, Made for advertising content and Advanced TV.

Day Two will also explain what Corporate Trade, more commonly called Barter is, what good media Governance looks like from a brand perspective and we’ll update delegates on the Global Media Services Framework Agreement and how to get the best out of it.

In today’s complex world of media buying, advertisers are navigating a maze of risks, especially in digital auction-based media channels. We will explore the latest strategies and tools advertisers are leveraging to navigate digital media buying with confidence.

And with the ever increasing mix of media channels available to clients now, it has never been more important for clients to ensure that they have oversight and governance over the long list of obligations the agencies have with advertisers in their MSA’s, especially in relation to digital channels.

In one of our key sessions on Day Two we will discuss what clients need to put in place to ensure agency compliance & transparency is extended to the whole contract and not just the traditional financial elements such as ‘Unbilled media’ and rebates.