Our sponsors are part of the input that provides diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives, creating a vibrant narrative that empowers our conference attendees with unparalleled insights and opportunities. Explore this page to discover the key partners driving excellence in marketing procurement.


Agency Mania Solutions (AMS) is a Seattle-based company dedicated to revolutionizing the way global brands manage their agency relationships. As the industry leader in customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, we understand the complexities of modern marketing landscapes and offer tailored software that evolves alongside your business needs. Our unmatched client/agency experience sets us apart, providing insights and best practices gleaned from years of experience on both sides of the relationship.


Advertising Production Resources (APR) is a Woman-Owned & Women-Led content creation optimization consultancy that oversees over $1 Billion in annual production spend and agency fees for approximately 70 advertisers around the globe. With hands-on production experience in TV, Print, OOH, Digital Videos, Web, Mobile, Social, and Experiential, our 150+ team members work with advertisers and their creative resources to establish best practices & locate efficiencies in their content creation ecosystems. 


Claire Randall Consulting (CRC)  is a global, strategic production management consultancy for advertisers looking to optimise their production spend.  For more than 28 years we’ve been offering clients big agency expertise and in-depth local knowledge, facilitating impartial consultancy, collaboration and communication between the numerous partners involved in the production process. CRC is now a world-leading consultancy with more than 45 consultants across North America, Europe, Middle East and APAC.


Decideware specializes in Marketing & Procurement Technology Data. Our expert Services team helps advertisers to customize enterprise-quality software solutions to underpin their agency management programs.   As an ISO and SOC2 accredited provider, we enable clients to build fast and robust processing capabilities and to generate powerful and actionable data.


Ebiquity is the world leader in media investment analysis.

We deliver data driven solutions that create value and eliminate waste, enabling brand owners to increase returns from their media investments and improve business outcomes.

Our independent fact-based advice is delivered through four service lines:

  • Media Management
  • Media Performance
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Contract Compliance


ECI Media Management is an independent media management consulting and advisory services company. We are proud to work with some of the world’s best-known brands, empowering marketers to drive growth, transformation and higher media value from their marketing investments in a rapidly changing media and business landscape. 

We leverage the power of our proprietary technology, digital leadership, data-driven insights and forensic consulting approaches in all our service offerings.


Fifty is revolutionising digital media.  We put technology at the heart of our delivery capability, giving our proprietary AI and algorithmic tools to our insight, strategy and trading teams – enabling them to understand brands’ current and future audiences (and those of competitors) at a speed and depth not previously possible. Our technology also helps us plan and activate across all digital media – including retail media, CTV and outdoor – delivering results that consistently outperform traditional methods. Daily media and creative optimisations are tracked to specific asset level, all visible for clients within a single platform.


Founded in 1835 by Charles-Louis Havas, Havas is one of the world’s largest global communications groups, with more than 22,000 people in over 100 countries sharing one single mission: to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses, and people. We use the power of creativity, media and entertainment to drive growth and to drive change, helping brands better engage with their communities through authentic messages and experiences, helping businesses grow sustainably; and improving the lives of people around the world.


Media is one of the largest investments that brands make. As this complex industry continues to evolve, it’s hard for even the most experienced brand leaders to know what’s actually working and what needs tweaking. Without a plan, brands risk losing money and falling behind their competition.  Our evidence-based consulting gives brands a framework to remove waste and optimise the value of their media investments. Our clients are able to make more intelligent media decisions so they can trust that their investments will grow their brands.  


IDX, formerly Investis Digital, is a leading digital communications and data solutions business that helps companies waste less and grow more. With a distinct blend of content, media and technology expertise, combined with a 24/7 service model, IDX protects its clients’ digital assets and brand reputations 365 days a year. IDX is composed of a dedicated team of 600+ digital experts, product engineers, analysts and creatives, plus over 1000 vetted freelance specialists, located across eight global offices.


Locaria are global content creation and localisation experts, specialised in supporting the in-house marketing and e-commerce teams of leading global brands, as well as media agencies and creative production houses.

We build innovative linguistic and creative solutions to scale content and campaigns globally, while carefully balancing efficiency, effectiveness, creativity and quality.


MediaSense are independent global media advisors, empowering the world’s leading brands to engineer greater productivity from their media investments, and design more agile and effective media operating models. 

MediaSense partners with 60+ Global and UK brands to unlock media value, including Coca-Cola, Chanel, Adidas, Haleon, Dyson, and the UK Government.


Contract Compliance Auditing has become a regular practice for many advertisers due to the ever-increasing complexity of the media landscape. There are an increasing number of different organisations involved in the planning and buying supply chain, all with their own commercial interests, that are not always aligned with the interests of the client. Advertisers need to be sure that they have received the best independent advice that delivers in the transparency promises of their relationship and contracts. Contract Compliance Auditing does just that. But, it’s not just the media system that needs advertiser focus. We are seeing increasing opaqueness within the non-media supply chain and advertisers are auditing their creative, production and BTL agencies like never before.

With over 20 years’ experience conducting marketing compliance audits in over 110 countries, the Media Marketing Compliance Audit Team is a trusted local and global partner to leading advertisers, providing audit services all the way through the marketing supply chain.


We’re MSQ, the UK’s fastest-growing multi-disciplinary marketing group that helps brands get closer to customers. MSQ joins together all key creative, data, media and tech capabilities to help businesses attract, convert, retain and grow valuable customers. A global group of diverse thinkers, we blend subject matter experts with channel experts to build a single, joined-up team, producing consistent and connected brand experiences and simplifying life for our clients.


Redmill is a specialist media data management company, working with some of the world’s biggest advertisers. We’re obsessed with data quality and understand the value that comes from access to clean, harmonised global media data – a single source of media data truth. Quite simply, greater media data visibility produces better media investment control and decisions.


CMOs are under more pressure than ever to make every marketing collar count. Without RightSpend, it’s a shot in the dark. You don’t know where to deploy your budget, you don’t know where to focus negotiations with your agencies, and you don’t know where wastage is happening. RightSpend gives you the insight to ensure your agencies are paid fairly and, at the same time, you’re maximising your deliverables. Get your projects underway quickly, without being slowed down by negotiations or pricing queries. RightSpend streamlines the process.

SPRING Production

At SPRING Production, we have one mission above all others – to unlock your marketing potential. Brands and businesses operate in an ‘always on’ age where marketing needs to stretch further, strike harder and scale faster. The requirements are diverse and the demands ever changing. We do one very simple thing for our clients; we make it work. We work with marketing procurement, brand marketing and production teams to streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies and deliver time and costs savings from the start.


Born out of Stagwell’s network of 70+ award-winning marketing agencies, Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s goal is simple: Equip marketers with powerful, user-friendly technology so they can get a bigger seat at the table. A robust tech stack is no longer a nice-to have for marketing organizations, and at Stagwell Marketing Cloud, we’re pairing an innovation-first culture with decades of domain expertise to create the most effective tools on the market.


The TEAM Companies (TTC), part of Cast & Crew’s distinguished collection of brands, play an integral role in the process of managing the business details behind the creation of advertising and entertainment content. From global talent & licensed element rights management to vendor payment management and royalty collections for original music used in their advertising, Advertisers and their creative partners have access to TTC’s subject matter experts in
performer, celebrity and influencer payments, U.S. and Canadian talent union & labor law requirements, and the management of production business details.