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Mark egmon new


VP, Marketing & Corporate Communications, TTC

An enthusiast about branding, marketing and production, Mark has held a number of positions in the
content creation ecosystem. Mark began his career in locations for features and commercials before
moving to the role of Assistant Director on dozens of commercials. Mark’s interest in the details of
the entire production process made his ascent to the role of Producer a logical step. As a producer,
Mark worked for a number of well-respected commercial production companies and advertising

While Executive Producing in Chicago, Mark served a six-year term as President of AICP’s Midwest region during which time he co-founded the Illinois Production Alliance. He served as that organization’s first president and positioned the IPA to have an instrumental role in the creation and passing of Illinois’s film and commercial tax incentives. 

As producer of a video series heavily reliant on the acquisition of rights for the performances of high-
profile talent, popular music, logos, artwork and other elements, Mark worked closely with talent
experts at TTC and his relationship with the company was formed. Mark began consulting with TTC in
2006 to help uniquely position the company in the marketplace and joined the company full time in
2010 as its VP of Marketing & Brand Management. While still guiding the organization’s marketing
initiatives, Mark’s role has expanded to include Business Development and Communications. Mark is
based in Chicago.