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Helen Lafford


EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Stagwell EMEA

Helen is the Stagwell EMEA CGO having joined our team a year ago as part of the Stagwell commitment to expand our presence further in international markets.


Helen has a plethora of UK, EMEA and Global experience. Before Stagwell she was at Initiative, where she was the EMEA Head of Growth. In her time at Initiative, she led wins across major reviews including Nike EMEA, Arla, ING, Amazon, and AstraZeneca. Hired for a newly created role at the time, she created systems and processes that fostered collaboration across the EMEA markets and disciplines.


Prior to her time at Initiative, she was at Publicis’ Blue 449 as Global Head of Special Projects, with a focus on enforcing brand vision, building assets, and hosting bespoke client events. Prior to Blue 449, she was a long-tenured member of Mindshare Worldwide where she gained a wealth of account management experience working on a wide-ranging portfolio of accounts from IBM, Nestlé, Mondelez, Kimberly Clark EMEA and Zegna to eventually leading the Rolex account globally.