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Global Head of Indirect Procurement, Dyson

Graham is Global Head of Indirect Procurement at Dyson. Building a truly global procurement organisation with a laser focus on commercial value to help drive profitability and support an aggressive growth agenda. 

– 3x shortlisted for CIPS awards in the last 2 years

– Developed a governance structure of Procurement Policy, Procurement Operating Guidelines, target tracking and reporting. 

– Doubled the team in 18 months, distributing talent across 10 locations around the globe, going where the money is spent to drive real value and respond to business needs.

– Focused on working with the business to build the infrastructure to enable growth, reflecting the overwhelming need to drive commercial value. 

Previously, a further year+ in consulting, selling and overseeing the delivery of services to solve procurement problems for UK and global businesses. 


Prior to that, 4 years in the US at Google and Lenovo adding the logic to the magic of marketing, building the credibility of the marketing organisation within the C-suite and integrating marketing into business planning cycles.

– Developed dynamic financial models to align marketing investment strategy with business opportunities.

– Ensured ROI became part of the mindset and metrics of the marketing team globally.

– Directed marketing planning for C-level reporting with new processes and tools. 

– Pushed consumer insights front and centre into decision making. 

– Managed allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars of marketing budget


Beforehand, 8 years with Motorola in the US and Europe navigating Procurement through corporate restructures, downsizing, changes of ownership and integrations, delivering the core objective of realising hard value for the business.