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Bruno Gralpois NEW


Co-founder / Principal, Agency Mania Solutions

An award-winning business leader and international best-selling author, Bruno Gralpois is considered the top industry expert on client-agency relations. Bruno is the Co-Founder and Principal of Agency Mania Solutions, a premier service and technology firm specialising in helping companies and their marketing organisations realise the transformational value of managed agency partnerships.

With a rich background that includes leadership positions at industry-leading companies such as Microsoft and Visa, as well as various pre-IPO software firms, Bruno brings a wealth of experience to the agency partnership and marketing field. His contributions extend beyond business leadership; Bruno is the author of the best-selling book “Agency Mania,” inviting readers to build sustainable partnerships that deliver unmatched work and results.

Bruno’s commitment to advancing industry best practices is further evidenced by his involvement with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), where he served as the former chair of the Client/Agency Committee. He continues to serve as a faculty member of the ANA School of Marketing, conducting workshops on effective client/agency relations for the largest brands in the world.