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Bronson Smithson


Global Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Edge Performance

Bronson’s experience in strategic business and brand development spans over 20 years and 6 continents.

He departed Australia for New York in 1999 where he joined Grey as a Strategy Planner on Procter & Gamble, before joining Havas in London in 2004 to work as Strategy lead across Reckitt Benckiser’s portfolio of global brands.

In 2009, Bronson moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where he was responsible for strategy development for Havas Creative clients across the region as VP Planning, Latin America. 

Late in 2014, Bronson moved to Dubai to help further develop Havas’s Reckitt partnership across Developing Markets (Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East) as General Manager – Developing Markets, as well as leading the Havas Creative agency in Dubai as Managing Director.

Bronson joined the Havas Edge Performance Network in September 2020 as Managing Director – Global Client Service, based in London. And in late 2022 he added the role of Global Strategy Lead for Prose on Pixels, Havas’s Global Production Network. As of Jan 2024, Bronson has held the role of Global Chief Strategy Officer for the Edge Performance Network and Prose on Pixels. He’s excited to help businesses achieve profitable outcomes at scale, across our global footprint.